The UCC Youth Ambassador Program is an eight month-long youth leadership program that aims to foster emerging leaders’ skills, policy awareness, and cultural understanding, and empower them to undertake projects and initiatives to address local community needs. This is a part-time, on-line program that can be easily combined with your school or work. The program is unpaid, but participants will be eligible for a small grant to implement their project.


Throughout the program’s duration, youth ambassadors will be expected to organize and actively participate in an array of events and projects. With a total of approximately 200 hours of learning and practice (on average 6 hours/month), these fall under 4 main categories. 


The four categories include:

Leadership: Participants will cultivate these skills through workshops, interactive sessions, and real-world projects. They will also be mentored by senior community leaders representing different sectors.

Skills and Competencies: The program will offer comprehensive workshops led by experts from different organizations to enhance participants’ understanding of fundraising strategies, policy development, project management, ethics and inclusion.

Peer Networking and Engagement: Participants will have the unique opportunity to connect with like-minded peers from  across Canada. 

Community Engagement: As part of this program, youth ambassadors will be invited to engage with UCC member organizations across Canada.

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Components: community module & skill building module

Skills & Competencies


Practical Project Impact

Leadership & Mentorship

Peer Networking

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Community Module 

Youth will learn more about their local community through engagement with a UCC branch or member organization. You will have an opportunity to participate in local events and public speaking opportunities.

The module will take place between May/June and September 2024. Expected involvement: 3-5 hrs/month.


Skill Building & Project Module 

Participants will cultivate leadership skills through workshops, interactive sessions, and real-world projects. They will also be mentored by senior community leaders representing different sectors. 

The module will take place between September 2024 and May 2025. Expected involvement: 5-6 hrs/month.

As an ambassador, you will:

  • Develop leadership abilities and gain hands-on experience through community projects.
  • Learn about fundraising and policy through comprehensive UCC-led workshops.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals across Canada, expanding your social and professional circles.
  • Attend the UCC Congress as a youth guest, contributing to discussions and shaping the future of the Ukrainian Canadian community.


Each ambassador will be connected to a mentor based on their area of interest and the project they plan to undertake.

Participants will also be introduced to local UCC branches and member organizations to ensure community connection and support.





  • Meetings with MPs or Senators, Minister for Youth etc.;
  • Meetings mentors and advisors;
  • Final project presentations and celebration event;
  • Diplomas and pins